Responsibly Sourced Gas

PennEnergy Resources receives third-party certification through Project Canary TrustWell™ across all wells in its operating asset.

Our Commitment

PennEnergy Resources is committed to the responsible development of Pennsylvania natural resources.

Safety & Emergency Response Management

The safety of our workers and community members is not just a high priority activity at PennEnergy Resources, but it is also a core value.

Community Engagement

PennEnergy Resources operates under the premise that we are invited guests on the land in which we operate.

Environmental Air Emission

PennEnergy Resources’ regulatory and environmental requirements go much further than state level compliance. It’s a commitment to the communities we work in and our stakeholders.

Water Management

PennEnergy Resources goes above and beyond industry standards when it comes to water safety and water management.

Our Core Values

PennEnergy Resources is founded on and driven by our company’s fundamental core values.